Release Notes: July 24, 2023

All Customers

Basic Scheduling Now Available for All Emburse Analytics Customers

The Creator role in Emburse Analytics now has access to basic scheduling of reports and dashboards via email or SFTP. See Scheduling a Report or Dashboard for complete details.

Chrome River

New Approver Tracking and Cash Advance Balance Standard Reports

We have introduced two new standard reports for Chrome River customers. The new Approver Tracking standard report allows users to see all approvers of an expense report as well as the statuses of each routing step (returned, pending, approved, moved, etc.), replacing two standard reports in Chrome River Reporting: Approvers and Expense Report Tracking.

The new Cash Advance Balance standard report allows users to see the cash advance balance for employees as well as each deduction against the cash advance, replacing the standard report of the same name in Chrome River Reporting.

New Reference Explore and Fields for Car Plan Customers

Chrome River customers who have Car Plan configured may use Emburse Analytics’ new Car Plan reference explore to review their car plan configuration. We have also added car plan-related fields to the Chrome River Expense explores, allowing users to view person cumulative distance for the year, which car plan tier was used on an expense report, and additional details of the car plan setup.

More Per Diem Fields Added to Expense Explores

Chrome River Expense explores now include the following additional per diem fields: Amount Deduction Breakfast, Amount Deduction Lunch, Amount Deduction Dinner, Amount Deduction Lodging, Has Deduction Breakfast, Has Deduction Lunch, Has Deduction Dinner, Has Deduction Lodging, and Amount Spent Per Diem.

View “Part of” Relationship Attributes for Chrome River Users

We have added “Part Of” entities in the Person reference explore to allow users to report on which employees have each role, as well as whether any critical “Part Of” roles are missing.

View Compliance and Routing Information in Expense Header/Line/Tracking Explore

We have added an Emburse Analytics Report Reference Guide to the Expense Header and Line Item Compliance details are now available in the Expense Header/Line/Tracking explore. This allows users to report on which approvers reviewed and approved expense reports with specific compliance warnings, as well as the responses to each compliance warning.

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