Release Notes: February 7, 2024

Chrome River

“Append To Description” Field Added to Expense Explores

We have added an “Append to Description” field to all Expense explores in Emburse Analytics to allow users to match credit card transactions with the vendor’s credit card invoice. This replicates the functionality of the Chrome River ANALYTICS legacy Credit Card Reconciliation standard report.

Additional Filters Added to Expense and Pre-Approval Standard Reports

In order to replicate the functionality of certain Chrome River ANALYTICS legacy standard reports, we have added two filters to existing standard reports. To the Expense Spend Detail report we have added the default filter “Is Company Paid (Yes/No).” To the Pre-Approval Open Approvals report we have added “Assigned to Person Full Name” as a default filter.

Pre-Approval Request Status Report Added to Emburse Analytics

Emburse Analytics now offers a Pre-Approval Request Status standard report to allow users to view a detailed list of pre-approvals by Report ID, Expense Owner, Status, and/or Submit Date, along with any applied expense reports and the remaining pre-approval balance.

“Status Description” Field Added to Pre-Approval Explores

We have added a “Status Description” field to all Pre-Approval explores in Emburse Analytics to allow users to report on expired pre-approvals. This replicates the functionality available for Pre-Approval in the legacy Chrome River ANALYTICS product.

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