Folder Contents and Access

Folders help organize reports and additional company data. When users log in to Emburse Analytics, they will have access to the following standard folders:

As a Creator, you can also create new subfolders within the preconfigured folders.

Subfolders take the access permissions of the parent folder. There is no way to create a subfolder that is limited to a different subset of users than the parent folder.

Folder Actions

Click the button to the right of any subfolder, report, or dashboard to view the actions you may take, including renaming, copying, moving, deleting, and scheduling. New Action Buttons in Folder View.png

Personal Folder

The Personal folder is named after the user. All the reports and dashboards created by the user can be found here. They are accessible only by that user.



Organizational Folder

The Organizational folder is named after your organization and is accessible by all Viewers and Creators. It holds reports and dashboards specifically for the organization.



Emburse Analytics Folder

This folder includes all Emburse-created content, including standard reports and dashboards. All Viewers and Creators have access to this folder. For a list of Emburse Analytics standard reports and dashboards, see either Chrome River Standard Reports & Dashboards or Certify Standard Reports & Dashboards.



The Emburse Analytics folder contains subfolders for each Emburse business unit to which your organization subscribes.

Chrome River Example



Certify Example



Inside each folder, you will find preconfigured dashboards (yellow icons) and reports (green icons). Double-click on the desired report or dashboard to run it.


Emburse Analytics Pro Folder

If your organization subscribes to Emburse Analytics Pro, Creators will see this folder containing all Pro dashboards and reports. For a list of Emburse Analytics Pro standard reports and dashboards, see either Chrome River Pro-Tier Standard Reports & Dashboards or Certify Pro-Tier Standard Reports & Dashboards.


The Emburse Analytics pro folder contains a single subfolder labeled with the name of the Emburse product your organization uses.

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