Data Fields Available in Emburse Analytics (Explores)

In Emburse Analytics, reporting objects are known as "Explores." An Explore is a set of fields that returns data for a specific topic in order to construct a Report.

For example, Chrome River customers may easily create a Report that includes information on expense reports of all statuses by using the Header/Line/Allocation Explore.

Some Explores focus on transaction-related information (like expenses) and some focus on master data or reference information (like person records).

Available Emburse Certify Data

Certify data is available in the following Explores:

  • Expense Lines: Fields derived from Certify Expense data.
  • General Ledger Dimension: Fields related to General Ledger Dimensions entered in to Certify.
  • Employees: Fields related only to employee data (e.g., Number of employees, Number of Admins, Employee Name).

Available Chrome River Data

Chrome River data is available in Reference and Expense Explores:

Reference Explores

  • Person: A master list of all person records (including all statuses)
  • Entity: A master list of all entity types and associated entities (including active and inactive records)
  • Allocation: A master list of all allocation records and associated fields (including active and inactive records)

Expense Explores

  • Accruals: This explore includes all unexported reports or lines. It is useful for understanding the value of outstanding items that may not yet be reflected in your financial system. This explore includes:
    • Unused transactions
    • Draft/unsubmitted expense reports
      • If parent items are fully allocated, then child lines are returned but parent lines are excluded.
      • If parent items are not fully allocated, then parent items are returned but child items are excluded to ensure more accurate totals.
      • A parent item must be fully allocated in order for the expense report to be submitted. For submitted reports, the child items are returned but the parent items are excluded.
    • Returned reports/line items
    • Submitted but not yet fully approved reports/line items
    • Approved but not yet exported reports/line items
  • Header/Line/Allocation: This is a general explore that includes information on expense reports of all statuses (Draft through Exported/Paid). This explore also includes:
    • Header and line item compliance details
    • Currently assigned approver
      • If the report is submitted but not yet fully approved, the currently assigned approver is displayed (whether that is a group or an individual).
    • Guest information
      • For expenses where guests are tracked, information is available for both internal and external guests
  • Transaction: This explore lists all transactions of any type, whether they have been included on a report or not. This explore can be useful for reconciling transactions by a given feed type (e.g., a corporate credit card feed).
    • The explore will include transactions of all statuses, from Unused to Exported. If a transaction has been used (i.e., added to an expense report), then export report and associated line-item information is available as well.


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