Adding a Dashboard Filter

Learn how to add a filter to a dashboard following the steps or video below.

Only Emburse Analytics Pro users with the Creator user type may add filters to their dashboards.

1.  Select the desired dashboard and click Copy in the upper right corner.

ADF - 1.png

2. Select the folder where you would like to save the copied dashboard and click Copy Here.

ADF - 2.png

3. Find your copied dashboard in that folder and click to open it.

ADF - 3.png

4.Click the More Actions button in the upper right corner and select Edit Dashboard.

ADF - 4.png

5. Click the Filters button in the upper left and select Add Filter.

ADF - 5.png

6. In the search box, start typing the name of the field you wish to filter by and select it in the list of results.

ADF - 6.png

7. Then click Add.

ADF - 7.png

8. If desired, you may add a default value to the filter.

ADF - 8.png

9. Now click Save.

ADF - 9.png

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