Release Notes: June 12, 2024



New Main Menu Added to Emburse Analytics

We have introduced a new main menu to the upper left corner of Emburse Analytics to give users quick access to their personal folders, the company folder, and templates/standard reports. These will be found under the menu’s Personal tab. 

EA Menu Personal Tab.png

Users with admin permissions will also see an Admin tab with links to such admin pages as User Management, Schedules, and Burst Schedules.

EA Menu Admin Tab.png


New Duplicate Expense Standard Report

We have added a new Duplicate Expenses standard report to the Chrome River Expense folder in Emburse Analytics. This report may be used to identify potential duplicate expenses entered by the expense owner and monitor duplicate reimbursement for the same expense item. Users may also view the associated receipt image to compare the two PDF reports and line item receipts for auditing purposes.

New Invoice Audit Reporting Model

We have released a new Invoice Audit reporting model for tracking changes made to invoices, including when a change was made, who made the change, and the from/to values. This will allow you to track such inefficiencies as changes made to the invoice due to an incorrect value for the Vendor, Invoice Date, Invoice Number, or Invoice Amount. This reporting model will also allow you to track parked invoices and see who parked them, and it can show the number of invoices submitted by users based on each user’s role (e.g., APReview) in order to assess productivity across the team.

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