Creating a New Report

Only users with the Creator user type may create new Reports for their organization.

You can create and customize Reports to answer data problems. They can be organized into Folders or added to Dashboards. You may either create a new Report from scratch or copy an existing Report and modify it as needed.

Watch this video for a walkthrough of how to copy and modify an existing report, which is the easiest way to create a Report in Emburse Analytics.

Copy an Existing Report

Copying a Report allows you to start from an existing Report and make modifications to it.

To copy a Report:

1. Click on the Report that you would like to make a copy of.


2. Click Copy in the top right corner.


3. Select the Folder that you would like to put your Report copy in and click Copy Here.


You will automatically be brought to the Folder where the newly created Report copy is located. Once you've created a Report copy, you can configure it to meet your needs.

Create a Report from Scratch

Creating a brand new Report allows you to produce your own analysis from scratch.

To create a new Report:

1. From the Emburse Analytics Pro homepage, click All, then the Personal or Organization Folder.



2. Click the +Create button in the upper right-hand corner.



3. Select Look from the drop-down menu.



4. Select what data you'd like to include from the options available. Each "Explore" shows a specific set of fields that can be used to construct a report. Each Emburse brand has its own list of Explores. Learn more about the data available in Emburse Analytics here.


Once you've created a new Report, you can configure it to meet your needs.

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